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Ceylan Group OÜ is founded 1999 in Estonia as family owned private company. We are the first distributor of residential reverse-osmosis (RO) drinking water purification systems in Estonia.With more than 21 years of experience and a loyal customer base that spans the Estonia, we are proud of our unbeatable reputation in delivering the highest quality water purification systems. Each model of RO system is thoroughly inspected and tested before included in our product list. Our products have been employed successfully in many homes, schools and some companies.

Our Mission

Ceylan Group OÜ joined the WQA (Water Quality Association) in 1999. In 2001 We were elected as member with full privileges.

Ceylan Group OÜ is built on a philosophy and a belief that a truly satisfied customer will stay for life. Once you get water purification system from us you can just relax and enjoy the benefits of ownership. The company will contact you (only if you agree) for timely checks and economical maintenance steps for the life of the unit. That's why years old RO systems are still performing flawlessly today. We helped thousands of clients and their families to drink best water available. Our motto is:

Pure Water is THE Human Right!


1999 to 2007: Business model was based on large sales management. We educated our customers about water purifying and number of RO systems in Tallinn and Estonia gradually insreased to more than 2000. Exciting days...

2008 to 2017: Sales to old customers and servicing sold systems exceeded 50% of revenue. We adjusted business model and sales were based on contacting clients and working in the company office space with smaller sales force. This reduced costs and also allowed us to reduce prices...

From 2018: Old customer based sales exceeded 75% while internet sales exceeded 15%. This created the conditions for a full transition to online sales and old customer service through the phone and e-mail contact. Costs continue to decrease and so do the prices of our products...

Our Details

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Ceylan Group OÜ
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We monitor our customers schedule for regular filter replacement. If you need our service prematurely or need system maintenance, contast us:

w p +3725055301 p +3725055301

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